Mr. Philthy


Mateo Gonzales aka Mr. Philthy is a Music producer from San Jose, CA. Mixing cumbia with many different types of genres, he creates a sound that is unique and fun. He is also a multi-instrumentalist that implements those skills in his live Dj sets. He strives to push the boundaries of sound and is able to do so seamlessly. He currently produces and plays in Suenatron. They have number 1 hits in Mexico and the USA with the songs “Sencillamente” and “Caramelo”

He is also currently working with Mexican-born MC Boti Lomeli on a project called “Boombia Bap” Which takes the 90’s Boom Bap sound of hip hop and mixes it with the sounds of Latin-America.

Aside from that he has garnered success around the world with the remixes he releases on Soundcloud. His newest mix titled “VIVA JUANGA” pays tribute to the late Mexican singer Juan Gabriel and takes you through his catalog but with a Philthy twist. He will be performing that set in full live at “Dia San Jose” on October 22nd at St. James Park.